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My beautiful wife and I were walking through the shallow waters at Normans beach when we discovered a school of small whitebait swimming amongst our feet. I noticed one all on its own. I made a remark, “that’s dangerous”. When any sort of predator seeks to hunt, they always look for the ones that are on their own, they are easy prey.

As we were driving back to our cottage, we started talking about the importance of community. The importance of having people around you and how dangerous it can be if you pull away from community.

When we join a group, such as Church, men’s group, mum’s group, or a community garden, we are essentially, without realising it, joining a community. When we join communities, we become accountable to those in Charge or in a Church setting; leadership.

Just like the lonely fish I saw, we can sometimes drift away. In certain settings, we fall behind because of various reasons. And sometimes we are trying so hard to fit into a community that we drift away even further.

I have shared once before. I was part of one Church for 35 years. The last 15 years of that I felt lost, even though I had people around me, I was part of the leadership group, and took part in many activities. I felt lost because I allowed myself to isolate when I struggled with life; I thought I could deal with life on my own, and that’s when I declined.

When I isolated myself, I made bad life choices. One of those choices put me in Prison. While in Prison I learned how important community is, especially a God fearing Church. Going to Church was never a huge importance to me, I went more out of obligation rather than the love I have for God and being around people who have the same heart.

God has created us to have community. We only have to read scripture and see. The God-head, family, and church is all community. It is important to find a community where you fit, so you can grow as a person, allow others to challenge you, have accountability, enjoy life and influence others. When we drift away from community bad life choices can happen. We can get swallowed up by a bigger fish.

For me the bigger fish was bitterness, which lead me to isolation and thinking I could do life on my own. History shows that is not the case. We all need community to help us in good times and bad times. If you’re not part of a friendly community where you can grow, feel supported and feel encouraged, then I encourage you to find one.


So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.

1Th 5:11 NLT



The image is subject to copyright. ©letgoletgodministry

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