Heart to Serve

John 13:15 For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you. NJV

Jesus came to serve the people. He washed the disciples feet, He healed hundreds of people and fed thousands. He also paid the ultimate price; dying on the cross.

Having an attitude of servant hood does not come naturally to man. From experience If I try and serve in my own strength it is difficult, When I serve though Jesus it becomes a natural part of my life, and brings me much joy. Jesus wants us to serve with gratitude, love, and compassion. When I serve others I serve because of what Jesus has done for me, the blessing He is too me. I want to show the love of Jesus through my actions.

We have to remember there is a difference between serving people you love and serving a homeless person. Jesus’ example was serving people who are homeless, hungry, who are poor. He even served sinners. We need to serve with the same eyes Jesus had. If we stop serving with humility and through the eyes of Jesus then I believe pride can set in.

I was in ministry for many years. There was a time I was a deacon. In the beginning, I loved what I was doing, I loved serving people who were in need. Over time my relationship with God started to decline and I started to lose the joy I once had. I stopped spending time with Him, I didn’t pray or read my bible, I had no relationship with God at all. And this is when everything started to feel mundane. Then my church life became a battle. I felt like I was fighting against everyone, and everyone was against me. The love to serve people declined, and so I started to appease man exalt myself; earn brownie points, rather doing it because of what God has done in my life. My serving became habitual and mundane, I served because I felt like it was a requirement, rather than serving unto God.

The scripture I am reminded of is Matthew 23:12 NKJ

And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted

Exalting oneself is an attitude of pride and Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18. NIV. This is what happened to me; I was exalting myself, trying to be recognised. It lead to a life of arrogance.

It wasn’t until I went to prison that God showed me the life I was living. It was a life of pride and arrogance. He also showed me I had lived this way out of hurt and unforgiveness.

Once God revealed to me the life I was living and the reasons why, the healing process started to happen. I thank God for being in Prison. I thank God for healing my heart from anger, bitterness and unforgiveness. I thank God He broke old habits and thought processes. For God to heal my heart I had to humble myself before Him and it took me to go to prison to do that.  

Now, if I’m in the city, I will serve a homeless person. I’ll ask if there is anything I can do. Sometimes I will sit on the ground with them over a cup of coffee and just talk. I will share the love of God with them, show them that God is real and loves them. Sometimes I won’t even say anything about God and they will comment that God has sent me to them. I love serving people, whether it is my neighbours, my colleagues at work or a complete stranger. I do it because God loves them and I love them. I do it not because I have to, I do it because of what God has done in my life.


God bless

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