Blessed are the poor

20 Then He lifted up His eyes toward His disciples, and said:

“Blessed are you poor,
    For yours is the kingdom of God.

Who doesn’t like these verses. There is so much to grasp when you read this part of Luke chapter 6. I have heard a lot of sermons in relation to the beatitudes and now I am going to share my views on them.

I really enjoy reading how Jesus interacted with people. He shows a lot of love, compassion, humility and authority.

When children are young and you are talking to them its better for you to get down to the ground on their level so they don’t feel intimidated. In verse 20 it shows me that Jesus was most probably stooped down due to people trying to either touch his feet or the crowd was so big that Jesus knelt down to heal those close to him first or he just simply showed compassion to the people and went down to their level and looked them in the eyes as he spoke to them. This would have comforted them and made them feel less inferior to what they probably already felt. This would have helped them to feel loved and know that Jesus loved them. The reason I say this is because Jesus lifted up his eyes, and to lift up your eyes you need to be looking down or stooped down. It shows humility.

Why does Jesus say Blessed are the poor? In Matthew 5 it says, “Poor in Spirit”. This is a vital part of the scripture. There are two sides to the word poor. The natural sense and the spiritual. In this circumstances it’s the spiritual.

So Jesus was saying, Blessed are the poor for they are “ready to give themselves up to Christ’s teaching and prove themselves fit and to lay hold of the heavenly treasure” with gladness.  Could I say in my own words, “Happy or fortunate, well off, are the spiritually humble for all they seek is the heavenly realms of God and are ready to take hold of it “. Putting it that way brings a new light to the scripture.The word blessed literally means, happy, fortunate, well off, prsoperous, the favour of God. The hebrew word is eulogeō H1288

The word humble has the word meanings, beg, beggar in it. For someone to beg requires humility. If you see a homeless person in the street, there has to be a form of humility for them to ask for money. When I was homeless for a period of time, I had to ask for money so I could eat. I had to humble myself to receive something that’s going to benefit me and that was money to provide food so I wouldn’t starve.

It’s putting God in His rightful place and saying, “God you are greater than all things, I need you and thirst for you”.

In Colossians 3 it speaks about the character of the new man or saved man. One of those characters is humility. In 1 Peter 5:5 says, “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble”James 4:10 talks about Jesus lifting you up when you humble yourselves. Humility is extremely important as a Christian. Other scriptures on humility, Psalm 18:27, Psalm 147:6

The word yours is not just what we think it is saying. There are 3 biblical uses of the word Yours.

The Strong’s reads  pertaining to you:—your (own).

  1. To be possessed by it.
  2. Think of it continually.
  3.  Proceeding from you.

This part of scripture Jesus is saying, I’m going to allow you to be part of the kingdom of God. I’m going to allow you to partake of it, possess it. Your going to think about it often. You’ll have the same authority and dignity as Jesus did, and His presence will flow through you continually. You will never stop pursuing it and the cycle will continue as you make yourself poor before the Lord God almighty.

The last part of the verse, “Is the kingdom of God” its the royal power and dignity granted to us as Christians in the kingdom of God. We have that same authority that was given to Jesus. It now belongs to us, as we humble ourselves before God, as we make ourselves poor in spirit.

I encourage you to make yourselves poor in Spirit. Humble yourselves before God and make Him a priority in your life and that’s what He is seeking.

God Bless

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